Like a lot of people, I have been thinking about what my New Years Resolution will be. I wont lie, I never keep it, so something easily attainable might make me stick to it this year. So, I have decided that my resolution will be Black Coffee….

Black coffee? What in the world? RIGHT!

I had a baby almost 2 years ago and I have joked that until she is two, I will just be chubby and say “I just had a baby”. Well homegirl will be TWO in April so that excuse is running out quick! I love sugary coffee. I love coffee period, but I really love the sweet, creamy goodness that is my lifeblood. Sugar is BAD yall.. so I figure if I can cut out that sugar, it will train my brain and help me out in other areas. I know that’s a tiny little thing, but it makes me feel better about myself, so I will stick to it! (Yes I know I need to cut down on a lot of different things, but man, I LOVE FOOD)

So of course that got me thinking…. Change doesn’t have to be huge to be significant or make a difference. 

At Nuvo, we are changing a lot this year. New people, new customers, new products. But we will never change our Core Values or level of service you get when you chose us to be your team! We are so excited for the year ahead and what it will mean for us and our customers. 

So wish me luck with the Black Coffee yall… and may you find one insignificant thing to change in your life to make you a better you. 


Happy 2020!