Greetings all!  We wanted to take a moment out of your day to let you know that our colleague, friend, and in some ways family member Nikki Wolfe has had her baby!  She is a beautiful healthy baby girl and is already enjoying this beautiful fall that we are having here in NC.

Nikki has been with us almost from the start, and when she announced to our team that she was pregnant we were so excited for her, as we had all grown so very close, as we do with most of our co-workers.  As she has been away on maternity leave, we have restructured our team a bit to help with her absence, and we are happy to report that we are cruising right along!

We understood that when our friend Nikki announced that she was going to have a baby, things would change for her forever, and for the better.  After a long discussion with her family and with us, Nikki has decided to pursue motherhood full time and work for Nuvo Solutions on a very limited part time basis.

We are so very happy for this decision, as our own CEO Emily French spent 15 years as a stay at home mom and nanny before embarking on her business ventures.  We understand that family comes first and that all good things come to an end, in order for greater things to begin!