Have you ever met someone and just instantly clicked with that person? Whether it be because you have similar interests, or upbringing, or you just think the person is funny – you feel a kindred spirit. I always love it when this happens with our customers, it makes such a positive difference in our work relationship.

I was recently on a phone call with a customer that signed up for Nuvo’s GPS service. Dave has a great relationship with this particular customer, which left me to build my own rapport with him. We talked a little bit of small talk and then got into the meat of “work” conversation. Right before the natural end to the phone call, the customer said something that sounded like something I would say… and a bond was created. We spent the next 10 minutes laughing, talking and just getting to know each other. Once I hung up the phone, I immediately called Dave and said  “ I am moving. I am quitting and moving south to go work for said customer”. He immediately knew why. The team down south, and our team here have almost identical work environments. Serious but laid back, driven, compassionate, funny, and most importantly hard working. I would move there in a second… if it wasn’t so hot. 

After that phone call, I got to thinking. I went through the list of customers in my head and realized that the comradery that we have with companies directly affects our mood and our culture. For instance, there is one guy that I know I can call anytime and he will answer. And likewise…. He calls me and I stop what I am doing and focus on his need. I recently lost my grandmother and was travelling to WV. This particular pal of mine called, and although I couldn’t answer, I did shoot him a text and give him some direction. He immediately responded in the most sincere way, and I will remember that always.  I try to be that way with everyone, but there is something special about anticipating a persons’ need and having an answer before the question even comes. Major trust building between us and our customers. This is “proof in the pudding” showing Nuvo is knowledgeable, accessible, and invested in them as a business. 

It makes for a super long day when all you do is talk to people and you don’t get invested in who they are. It just becomes another check mark off your to do list. Since working here, I have learned that customers respond and respect you a lot more if you care. Not act like you care, but truly care. Take a second to ask about their weekend, respond to communication, call every once in awhile just to check in. They will be more apt to forgive slip-ups, more patient with processes that sometimes seem daunting, and even easier to deal with accounting wise. I really love coming to work knowing the people that I interact with from all over the country don’t dread to hear my voice, and likewise.  

It sounds so cliche but, a little bit of love goes a long way.