I just had to share this moment. It has nothing to do with Mobility, it has nothing to do with GPS. It literally is a personal shout out to ALL business owners and entrepreneurs out there that work tirelessly.

It is 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon.

Right outside this window is a gleaming pool, the outside temperature is a balmy 90 degrees. There are people working on their summer tan with a drink in hand.  Not us though.  Not us…

We are here just like you. Working to make something better for our customers. Working to make something better for our company’s future.  Working because we love what we do, and we find immense satisfaction in building something great.

We will rest, we will play, we will sit in the sun – but not today.  Today we work.  Today we get further in our business. Today we serve our customers. Today we keep our heads down and seize this moment to make something better than ourselves.