Seriously, it is.  We work long hours at Nuvo Solutions, this isn’t unique to our small business. In fact, I would say that a lot of businesses large and small work long hours.

We do it because we are passionate about our customers and we are passionate about customer service. 

We do it because we are grateful that we get to serve. 

One of the challenges that we face is that we put together large pieces to fit our customer’s needs, both large and small.  We will take a behemoth company like a Verizon or AT&T and pair it with another elephant sized company like an Apple or Samsung and top that with a large piece of MDM from Cisco Meraki.  We then take those three pieces, add a fourth or fifth (or in some cases even thirty) depending on the customer’s applications. We stage the devices, case the devices, test the devices and then they are delivered in a package with a bow (actually a sticker and tape, but you get the idea).

We do this daily. Sometimes we do this multiple times in a day and the local UPS and FedEx officials know us by name.  We herd cats for customers. We get every one of these companies to work together to deliver the solutions to our customer- saving them valuable time and money.

Sometimes this goes well, no hitches, it just works and every large company plays nice together.  Other times it becomes a huge challenge, and a simple two-day process drags on to a two-week endeavor.  Recently we had such a challenge.  Without going into the backstory to protect the customer’s identity– if it could go wrong with the carrier, it did. If it could go wrong with the applications, it did. If it could go wrong…it DID.

We worked, we struggled, we pushed. And most importantly, we stayed positive and kept the customer in the loop, and worked through the pieces until we delivered the solution to their office.

Funny thing is, even after all our struggles to get this solution in place, we felt no sense of real accomplishment once the package shipped. Relief that it was shipped, but the job satisfaction wasn’t there.  We missed the window that we wanted to hit. We felt our service was subpar even though we literally did everything we could do and pushed as hard as we could, it fell below our Nuvo Solutions Standards of Delivery and Deployment Time.  Those feelings were quickly erased the following days when we received the text and Google Review pictured below.

Sometimes it is the little things that make it all worth it.