I know, it’s shocking for a company that offers GPS, Mobility,  Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Mobile Device Management Solutions, Mobile Payment Options, Barcode Readers, Brother Mobile Printing Solutions, Staging and Kitting Services and even Service Agreements to help you with your technology solutions on a month to month basis to not consider themselves a technology company, but it’s true, we are in fact not a technology company.  


There are hundreds of options that you, as a business owner, can choose from to serve your needs as it pertains to mobility and fleet management. Those options are offered by technology companies all over this great nation, some of which we represent. We noticed that in this large field of technology driven companies none of them really stood out and most of them were offering services at rates that were too expensive for the value offered or even worse, companies would come in, do a dog and pony show and not be there for you when times got tough.  These scenarios don’t bode well for building a long-lasting relationship. What good is it to set goals that take time to achieve if the people that you have come to rely upon to help with those goals are always changing? How can a company build continuity and structure if the foundations are constantly shifting? How many times has your direct rep changed in the last year?


So, with all that in mind we decided to form a company that was based on long term relationships, not technology!


Sure, we understand the technology that best suits you, the consumer, in the marketplace.  We spend copious amounts of time vetting the new trends, products and other components that are out there to help you make a sound decision as a business owner or manager.  We test the environments on the devices before we are done kitting them to ensure their performance in the field. We download the products ourselves that we offer to see if we can make them crash or see if they stand the test of time.  We willingly share with you our findings and what we have come to understand with over 25 years of combined experience. We love designing or helping you design and lay the foundation, putting our products and services to work to boost your company and help it run more efficiently and show you ways to drive revenue and get the most out of what you spend.  With that said, we refuse to sell or recommend something to you that you would end up not using or that you wouldn’t receive any great value.


We value our relationships with our customers so much that we don’t take on every customer that comes our way.  It is important that our customers understand that we have a set of values and beliefs in place that are here to help us further our relationship with them, not just sell them some technology or a product. We are so committed to making sure our customers are kept whole that if we don’t have what they need we will refer them to a company that will be better suited.  


We are a relationship company, we just happen to sell technology and solutions.